Post-48-Final-Post Pt.2

A Message from Bill Sefekar

For those in our trusty audience that may have been disheartened by the “Final Post” title, ah ha, I’m sneaking this one in as we are inching closer to the publication date time. I’ll be heading up to Washington, New York and New Jersey in a couple weeks see if I can open some doors, open some eyes. Looking to get some interested parties, printers, publishers certainly like to give anyone an opportunity that is interested in the story of the “American Dreamer”: A look into the Life of My Father, Joe baby; A Man on a Mission. They are welcome to contact me and would love to hear any thoughts alone these lines.

I’m in the process of making final edits and if things actually go according to plan will have a book to deliver to you this summer. Always appreciate all your interest, concerns, good wishes and I fervently believe that the messages that my Dad conferred upon me and you are worth keeping and sharing.  As usual I welcome your comments and will take everything under advisement before final decisions are made with follow-up communiques. As always; My Mother thanks you, I thank you and of course Joe baby thanks you. So, stick around; catch you next month.

It just so happens that today, marks exactly 73 years from the landing operations of D-Day on  Tuesday, 6 June 1944. Termed D-Day for the Allied Invasion  on the French beaches of Normandy in Operation Overlord. My Dad was with the 1st Army Rear Echelon, Headquarters. He wrote and chronicled whenever he could. A good part of which appears in Chapter 4: Marriage and the War. It was not just the letters, photos, observations and documentation that stand out;  Many artifacts and memorabilia have surfaced from the so many brave soldiers that served. What stands out is that after all these years these were nicely preserved, reexamined and reproduced making it easy to have this portrayal appear as an accurate, memorable and endearing reflection.

Took a little break in the action this past month and worked on and took in some activities that were very beneficial. First, was participating in a food drive at Temple B’nai Israel with my illustrious friend Dr. Hank Koren. Over $500 worth of food was collected and sent over. Dr. Koren took time from his definitely busy schedule and the publishing of his mammoth compendium; Environmental Practices that is being made available through over 60 outlets worldwide. This shows you can always take time to make a difference.

Visit a recent April 2017 Oxford article titled Earth Day: How Do We Prevent The Destruction of Our Planet In Today’s Political Environment that talks about Dr. Koren’s new release.

Dr. Koren is also a featured author on Routledge Taylor & Francis Group website.


Dr. Hank Koren preparing to pick-up the food for delivery to the Food-Drive




Dr. Koren and his wife, Donna at Services in recognition for their spearheading the Temple Food-Drive. Rabbi Daniel Triesher at the “Friday-Night Live” Service

 Aspiring Author, Bill Sefekar at the Service, flashing his Bob Ross shirt

The other diversion was the chance (by design) encounter with nationally acclaimed and New York Times bestselling author, Jeff VanderMeer and his wife Ann. Coming off of the immensely successful publishing of his “Trilogy” that sheds a new light on the new “Dystopia.” He is now embarking on another best-seller publication and possible movie adaptation  called “Borne.” I had the distinct privilege of meeting with him and his wife while purchasing a few of his best-selling offerings. So, I hope this greases the track for some of my future endeavors.

   Talk and Book Signing with Jeff VanderMeer, Oxford Exchange, Tampa, FL May 28, 2017. See His Official site

Mr. Jeff VanderMeer is also very committed to a number of Environmental Projects here in Florida and worldwide. It’s good to have such friends and mentors that are involved with such worthwhile efforts. There is so much TO DO and so much TO LEARN; PLEASE HELP.


Please share this information with your friends and colleagues.
Thank you all for your support, it means a great deal and if you get some enjoyment and introspection this can be transcribed as a fitting testimonial for my father.

As an added feature for our readers and audience, we are also posting on twitter as @JoesLegacy and Instagram on items that appear in the book and related matters.  We are still eliciting your comments and suggestions.  I hope to develop a running dialogue with you all, as many of you have provided us with comments that appear in the social media and we value that.  I try to get to them as much as I can with the help of my associates and do appreciate my valued followers.

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