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November brings families together for Thanksgiving.
Wish it could bring us that feeling more often while we’re living.
It could be done, just think of the fun, having Thanksgiving every week,
Just think of it on our tongues as we speak.
I for one would entertain this ideea, although would be able to entertain with pizzeria.
So, Hail to the people (women) who do the fixings, I know I would be kicked out of here
If I suggested we do it every week, everywhere.
But the thought is not that we prepare this great feast, it’s that we realize that food is only part and the very least,
Of what we’re thankful for. It’s the people that you share your life on this day and more.
So, take a minute, no why not take an hour, try to find ways to allow your kindness to abound because we’re so lucky that goodness should know no bounds.
Thank someone everyday and show you mean what you say.
Let’s begin this Thanksgiving in just such a way and let it continue well into the New Year, then we can all say hooray.
May sound a little corny, but maybe It’ll play

Will S.

The poem and the following pictures appeared prior to Thanksgiving on my Social Media Outlets including Facebook: William.Sefekar. And also on the Podcast (Not the Pictures): The American Dreamer Show, the fifth episode broadcast on Thursday, November 15.

A few of the selections that I have played on the show all songs and artists are near and dear to me. As you know John Denver’s someone for whom I have the greatest admiration as well as great artists like Paul Simon, Don McLean, Al Stewart and Jimmy Buffett, etc. I will also be featuring songs from favorites Neil Diamond, Kenny Loggins, Bob Dylan and others in the coming weeks and months.







The following Menu was collected and saved from my Dad when serving in World War II on Thanksgiving 1944 while with the first Army rear echelon. The menu for Thanksgiving on November 23, 1944 just a week after our celebration of Thanksgiving here and some 74 years later. Plus the important message that rang through the hearts and the minds of the soldiers as they took a respite from the fighting and the atrocities of war. You do something to pause and reflect on, as we give thanks for the Holidays that are upon us. First picture shows current Army Serviceman partaking in Thanksgiving meal while having to deal with their fragile conditions and the realities that they are faced with.


The past six (6) weeks has seen an emergence of a Podcast originating from “My Studio” in my enclosed room at my residence. The American Dreamer Show  (ADS)is preparing for its 7th Broadcast this Friday, November 30th.

The format for the show originates from my social media endeavors. The name for the show is taken from title of my recent book: American Dreamer: A Look into The Life of My Father, Joe Baby. Social media from Blog post: Facebook, Twitter and Instagrams provide inspirational sayings and quotations. Then they’re excerpts from my new book emerging as It Worked 4 Me. We spice it up with a little commentary from my cohort, John Casimiro who provides timely comments and tidbits of information. This all comes together with little icing on the cake so to speak by providing a couple of selections from my stellar musical collection with my trusty guitar and vocals, grin.



The following pictures depict studio preparation for the podcast. With James Worley Production/Controls and John Casimiro 2nd mic and technical support for the taping; everything seems to be falling into place.

View of Studio with James Worley at the Controls and Production Mode with John Casimiro Technical Support and 2nd Mic


Getting ready for Podcast. The American Dreamer Show. Already in its 6th Session

Always time for a selfie before the Broadcast

Leaving you with the “Song of the Month” think this was from the third of fourth session of ADS it is one of my truly introspective songs that I have embraced and one of John Denver’s  dozens and dozens of his collection of words, and music that goes to the core of being, finding your way; what you are and “What is Life.” Come and Let Me Look in Your Eyes.

Come and Let Me Look In Your Eyes

I guess growing isn’t hard to do
Just stand against the wall
Once I was just two feet high
Today I’m six feet tall (5 foot six)

But knowing who to listen to
Is something else again
Words just whistle round my head
Like seasons in the wind

All across the water the clouds are sailing
They won’t let me look at the sky
All I want to do is try and find myself
Come and let me look in your eyes

In searching for the way to go
I’ve followed all the rules
The way they say to choose between
The wise men and the fools

I listen to the words they say
I read what I should read
I do whatever’s right to do
Try to be what I should be

Someone let me in I think the sky is falling
Seems I’ve gotten lost on my way
All I want to do is try and find myself
Come and let me look in your eyes
Come and let me look in your eyes

But wisdom isn’t underground
Nor on a mountainside
Where am I to take myself
There’s no place here to hide
Where can I hide

All across the universe the stars are fading
Seems we’ve gotten lost on our way
All I want to do is try and find myself
Come and let me look in your eyes
Come and let me look in your eyes
Come and let me look in your eyes

Thanks again for your interest and wishing you all a great month ahead with Warmest Regards,  Holiday Cheer and many Blessings Your Ways

Copyright © 2018             William Sefekar