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There’s still a lot of political turmoil this country is facing as it tries to steer a course away from animosity, uncompromise, greater polarization and meltdown.

As I usually do allow for tie-in between the two months It is fitting that we look to the middle of the month February 14 Valentine’s Day and LOTS OF LOVE going around during this time. So, I included Valentines poems first from last year and temperate with some insights from the “Here and Now” in 2019.




Love, love, love, it takes on many shapes and forms

You can conform to many norms and will take you to unbearable experiences.

And rob you of total lack of your senses

Or heighten them and let you soar over the fences.

Love can do strange things as we are aware, if you let it, like hanging onto a balloon in the air or pulling at a rope with someone you care for is on the other end somewhere.

Valentine’s Day is just that, one day; so don’t put all your love in one basket even though its fine and dandy or hoard like a delicious box of confectional candy 

Share it around, spread it around, keep it handy

Will S.


February 2018 Newsletter


Happy Valentine’s Day  From February 2018 Newsletter

All you lovers of life,
As well as you lovers of the Earth
You caregivers of caring-
Give of your bounty and your bounty will always be filled to the brim.
Make sure to give Cupid a big wide angle shot to land His mark.
You never can tell, what the results will be, you don’t even have to be clever.
It will only feel like a little pinch and gives you the warm fuzzies forever.
Will S.


Composed January 2019

Ode to January
This is the month for starting anew while turning cold and blue.
It might be some time before we are warm and getting through.
But don’t worry, we’re on our way, don’t know where but this I’ll say.
If you pray what you need to pray, and do what you gotta do,
make this place whether your home, your work, city or USA,
You will be better off, the people around you will be better off, and you can feel better knowing that you were making headway on the superhighway of life.
So, stay tuned, I’ll do my part, we’ve already made a start with our trusty crew,
We’re going to share things to make you look and crow like a cockatoo,
In so doing, it’ll give us a chance to know we can all make a differance.
So, don’t let your toes get cold and your nose need a blow,
Look to the warmth, be cheery and glow, take all your wonderous gifts and impart them with those that are close, Family, friends and even foe.
You’ll feel like you won the Lotto.

Will S.

This year has started out like blockbusters. Turning my dreams into reality. Making good progress on my Dreams, I’m extremely busy but it’s a positive busy produced the 17th podcast American Dreamer on Wednesday, February 6 and the last five have streamed on my YouTube channel, Bill Sefekar YouTube. Teachings also been fun working with future dreamers ha. Hope you all have things going well and it’s going to be a good year – Bill


Bill Sefekar YouTube

As far as the Podcast  in January had some interesting twists and turns. Being the start of the New Year as indicated by the little rhyme in prose above. I guess all in all it was not too bad. We managed to overcome our problem with the mixer board for The American Dreamer Show and this helped us with our YouTube channel. Only a matter of getting a bigger board specifically designed for music and video output. Well worth the $215. We had our first guest; very, very dear friend of mine Dr. David Kalin who I met when I first came down to Florida from Maryland over 35 years.


Acquisition of New Board and Mixer to allow for having extra mics and Headset while offering better video hook-ups, acoustics and audio quality


Picture used as a Thumbnail for the; Bill Sefekar YouTube Valentines Show

Excerpts from PODCASTS

Like to provide you with some of the excerpts from the PODCASTS from the last month and leave you with some excerpts from my second book American Dreamer: A Look into The Life of My Father Joe Baby as well as some new insights from my current work in progress It Worked 4 Me.

A few interesting things along this line. Saw a wonderful human-interest story on Facebook concerning Gen. Colin Powell. Evidently he had some tire problems on the road in the Washington DC and a good Samaritan stopped by who happened to be an Afghanistan War veteran who lost his leg serving his country. He stopped by to help Gen. Powell. They were both on their way to Walter Reed Medical Center. Quite a bonding ensued. When I saw this, I knew I had to share. What’s even more significant is little did I know when I picked the title for my blog post and domain name and possibly third book: It Worked 4 Me what would ensue. This happens to be Gen. Colin Powell’s Best-selling book. But Instead, I inserted the number four (4) in the domain name otherwise I feel very lucky to have picked that.

Another thing that came up was when I was teaching last week fifth grade, I brought my guitar which is become a regular staple on my teaching assignments. I sang a few songs and one of the students said something that really made me stop to think and gave me a smile. Kind of a little thing but I translated into It Worked 4 Me as I continuously say “The mind is a muscle and you have to exercise it regularly.” You know I do all kinds of brain games: Cryptoquotes, Jumbles, etc. which I share with you from time to time. She said, “how do you remember all the words; how do you remember everything.” This is part of conditioning and committing to memory. I probably have over 50 songs of floating around in this little brain here ha but by reiterating the songs, the words, the chords; I think it does keep the muscles in my cranium fine-tuned, yeah. How’s that for a segue way into our first musical selection from  our latest Podcast this past Wednesday, February 6, 2019 is:

1st Musical selection: Jim Croce – “I Got a name.” Used my little get-up as the Thumbnail pic and name for the show.

2nd Musical selection: Billy Preston and Syreeta, “With You I’m Born Again”
What makes this a real interesting item is that Billy Preston worked with John, Paul, George, and Ringo and was considered the fifth Beatle and Syreeta was married to none other than Stevie Wonder

It’s been quite a week John and you probably can add to that. I’ve grown a little bit not in stature but done a few things that I think it’s to my time here. But yesterday was a meaningful day. It started out going to morning prayers. And I’m sure things happen to people that come into your lives things that are just part of opening our eyes, ears. I was on my way and had my dial changed to listening to some of the NFL playoff games on Sunday, I was changing it and wound up on this station for music of the 60s and I hear the song Abraham, Martin, and John and it wasn’t just the original from Dion, Dion DiMucci of Dion and the Belmont’s that he made popular back in the 60s. it was embellished with the introspection and even included an interview with a small child to go along with the song. Tom Clay infused it with “What the World Needs Now Is Love Sweet Love.” Extremely powerful!!

It was quite a flash and what a transformation that the paths of these songs crossed before me. This was a real co-wink-a-dink, coincidence, of the first magnitude to hear this song the morning of Dr. Martin Luther King’s day. You know this show represents the American Dreamer, what better fitting tribute then to have four (4) of the greatest Americans that brought the dream of a better life to so many millions of Americans.

So, while surfing through some of the things on the Tribute for Martin Luther King they played his last his final speech about being to the mountain top. It was compelling stuff; so it’s very timely that I shared with our audience as part of It Worked 4 Me segment of our show when I was a student at the University of Maryland doing community action activities. As Director of Pace: People Active in Community Effort, taking two busloads of students to the Washington DC inner-city as part of their weekly visit for tutoring with these children and their families. It  happened to be the night when Martin Luther King was assassinated; quite a life-changer.  I also remember when Robert Kennedy was assassinated exactly 2 months later. I took 17-year old my sister, Bonnie to Arlington Cemetery for the funeral and the funeral procession.

Wednesday, January 29th, 2019’s broadcast gave me great pleasure. Not only was this our first guest of what I hope will be many, many really provocative talks and meetings with exemplary individuals but Dr. David Kalin is a dear friend, great friend, he and his family and which I consider myself part of his family he certainly has been part of my family. My Mom and Dad loved to be with him and his family.  We shared in so many wonderful good things in our lifetime of over 35 years and counting. But David has contributed to my life in so many ways and I try to repay double to my dear friend David, his lovely wife Hyon and family.
TV Show/Writings Book/Spiritual advisor/musical compatriot/provocateur/IBMS(International Board of Medicine and Surgery)

Took this picture of someone’s car sticker (its good to know you’re driving behind people these kind of people). It is both very timely and appropriate. Wish it was bigger and more prevalent  so people could see it better, maybe there would be less road rage; it says:
Be patient, Be forgiving, Be nice to each other
Have self-control, Be slow to anger. Also on the back of the car another sticker that John my Podcast partner I know liked: I love my cat(s)!!


 In sight into It Worked 4 Me, IW4M and American Dreamer

One of the reasons why I’m pursuing this new book challenge, is because I need to; as much as the endearing and wonderful thought process of putting a book together as a tribute to my Dad, and his meaningful life. I feel it is very important that I get away from under the umbrella and strike out on my own and you guys, Bless You, have given me the wherewithal to do it; get my creative juices going and I really believe it also offers the opportunity for you two go forth and prosper and shine, all these wonderful things that you’re able to create. These are your Dreams also, as you pursue new adventures and it’s part of the Plan and you’re out there conjuring up and breaking through with all imaginative kinds of things as well. Like they say; The skies the limit.


Well John, James pulled a fast one last week just like the first taping of the Podcast almost 4 months ago. They said don’t worry Bill,  just talk like you know like your sitting around here with the guys and having a little talk, drink. 15 minutes went by so quick that was the first show. Then we upped the ante to 45 minutes. And then James puts us on live video from Tampa Bay and environs. Last week’s taping didn’t catch me off-guard, but it left a lot of room for improvement. Here everything is right out there, up front and personal. You don’t want to show all your trade secrets or more realistically, your dirty laundry.

I know one of our major objectives is getting people to subscribe and sign up for both The America Dreamer Show and YouTube Channel. Well we need to head out into the social media surroundings, and I need to get my Facebook, twitter friends, relatives to sign up. Let them listen to the show and if they enjoyed it sign-on. If you all out there like it, I’m working on doing some gigs out in La la land. And I would be more than happy to consider John one of Your venues; Amalie Arena, ha. But maybe weddings, anniversaries, bar mitzvahs, etc. I’ll even gone as far as serenading your main squeeze. Naturally those out of the Tampa Bay area would require an infusion of travel expenses.

Songs presented during this period.

February 6, 2019

Jim Croce – I Got a Name

Bill Preston & Syreeta – With You I’m Born Again

January 29, 2019

Paul Simon – For Emily Wherever She May Be

Neil Diamond –  Sweet Caroline

January 23, 2019

Loggins & Messina – Danny’s Song

Jimmy Buffet – Margaritaville

January 15, 2019

Dion DiMucci – Abraham, Martin and John (and Bobby)

Bill Preston & Syreeta – With You I’m Born Again

January 9, 2019

Cat Stevens – Morning has Broken

Jimmy Buffet – Margaritaville

That might be a little way off but something which we could aim for. That’d be a hoot to perform live: The American Dreamer Show on the road. Like at the Museum, Performing Arts Center, library and USO they were big part of my Dad’s outside interests and accomplishments.

Dreamer quotes and sayings,

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams Eleanor Roosevelt.

There has been a real social media barrage like on Facebook which gives it an interesting twist or spin entitled: Intelligence is Sexy here’s this one. The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence. Charles Bukowski.

Always help someone. You might be the only one that does

It’s not about who is real to your face; it’s about who stays loyal behind your back. And the last one is: Society has gotten to the point where everybody has a right, but nobody has a responsibility.

We come with nothing, we go with nothing, but one great thing we can achieve in our beautiful life is a little remembrance in somebody’s mind and a small place in someone’s heart.

Was teaching Middle School Science last week and saw a few posters; signs that caught my attention. I took some pics as I am wont to do and here to share. Ah, Walt and his Dreams and being a science fiction aficionado I know from whence that this saying bodes well.


Poster and signs from Davidsen Middle School 6,7 and 8th grade Science Classes

As we did in our trailer last week we just kept the tape rolling and I shared with you just another example of how my Dad was a master of making sure we don’t forget. As I relate to you in one of his cabinets, I found this folder and all his organization skills is just there for the world to see and for me share.

On September 23, 1999 the St. Petersburg Times started a countdown to the millennium or the year 2000 and my Dad each day cut out the year in review and when I was preparing the book I saved these I cleaned it up and scanned them five years at a time on 11 x 17 paper. I took some of the years that were most important in our family-Birth years, Marriage, Anniversaries and put them on the blog post naturally it couldn’t fit in the book but I’m in a come up with a way of uploading them and having them available for our readers want to take a sampling. John, James picked out a year to look at it. John 1963, James 1969 birth years, ha. I will provide our readers and audience an opportunity once they’re scanned to my website, these wonderful keepsakes of the Century just past with a thumbnail sketch of the events and accomplishments of note.

Well John, James pulled a fast one last week just like the first taping of the Podcast almost 4 months ago. They said don’t worry Bill just talk like you know like your sitting around here with the guys and having a little talk, drink. 15 minutes went by so quick that was the first show. Then we upped the ante to 45 minutes. And then James puts us on live from Tampa Bay and environs. Last week’s taping didn’t catch me off-guard, but it  left a lot of room for improvement. Here everything is right out there, up front and personal. You don’t want to show all your trade secrets or more realistically, your dirty laundry.

Sometimes appreciating the little things goes a long way. Good buddy of mine Dr. Dave was moving along this week without a care in the world until he twisted his ankle while taking a walk with his wife. I went over to visit him the other night; he was in pain and on crutches. Tried to cheer him up and I know when things befall me, no pun intended, I always resort to the basics. If I have some difficulty with my eyes, my knees aren’t working right, might have a headache or back problem I don’t always fall back on, no pun intended my mantra: if it hurts, hurt it back which I believe helps me over 85% of the time. Note what I say is – its part of what we take for granted; the good Lord provides us with all these miracles like seeing, walking, hearing just some of our basic amenities, that we just believe this is the way it’s supposed to be. Until something happens, and I might have trouble walking, not 100%. Maybe my eyes are bothering me when you think about in the grand scheme of things we are so fortunate but please don’t take it for granted. I did bring over some herbal tea for David with some blueberry almond health bars, fixed some tea with honey and helped him out while he was maneuvering around on crutches until his Primary Care Physician stopped by; wife Hyon arrived home, ha.

This discussion follows there are other little things that we take for granted as we go about our daily day-to-day activities. The musical reflection that I have selected touches on just about all of our segments and it is fitting that the first musical selection from Cat Stevens is called “Morning has Broken.” Why this takes on extra relevance is that the words of this are song by Eleanor Farjeon and I found this out because when doing one of my cryptoquotes she was the author and “Morning Has Broken,” had nothing to do with the solution to the cryptoquote. This was the Cryptoquote for the day “Love has no uttermost… “And the other two are only a few of the many wonderful versus she penned.


As I always like to do is, look up these wonderful personages that have graced so much of this world and even though they might not all be famous I just always glean something positive, from them. So, I looked her up and there was this author and some of her writings and lo and behold was really glad I took that extra few minutes to try to find little more meaning about these things and wanted to share this with you as I begin to get ready to play “Morning has Broken.” by Cat Stevens. As I just said earlier it’s the little things to appreciate what we have. To look out at the morning, or a walk in the garden, watching the birds, the sunlight and as I begin this song, a quote “praise for the singing, fresh from the world.”

Third Part of this Podcast was from American Dreamer:….
With three excerpts from the book:
Hopefully we are all blessed with having family, loved ones, friends as part of our lives. I certainly have been so fortunate as well as mentors throughout my life. These are people we can look up to – Cleave to these people, make them someone you can go to, they DON’T have to be a relative, just someone you can go to, to share your Dreams with and be there for them, if they should call. Because giving back is what it’s ALL about.

I know one of our major objectives is getting people to subscribe and sign up for both The America Dreamer Show and YouTube Channel. Well one of my friends was interested and we need to explain that even though it’s free to viewers, they need to be a member of and its basically as easy as 1, 2, 3. My landscaping company Bill and Heidi Boyer of Dico Landscaping offered to plug the show on their Facebook, social media network. I thought that was great and turnaround is fair play so I’ll plug them: They do great work I’ve had him for oh my gosh 7-8 years.

In looking at the New Year’s initiatives;  Remember, ALL things are possible, when you’re reaching for the Stars.

Remember:  If you can Dream It, Wish It, then see It and Seize It!!
Closing remarks: That’s a wrap folks, keep those cards and letters coming, ha. If you care to drop a line at [email protected], I will enjoy responding to you.

Thanks again for your interest and wishing for the year ahead, what I would wish for myself: That the Lord gives us the strength and guidance to go forth and do good things, bring good things and learn new things to share this with others.

Best of Regards, filling your world with wondrous adventures!!

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