Sit and Watch                                                    Golden Light, Golden Leaves


Trees and Sky blending together              Pastoral Autumn Setting


Mother Natures’ Robe of Leaves         Hallelujah


Kaleidoscope of Colors                                      Find Your Own Path


Heavenly bridge to wherever                        Let Things Go


Baby in the Leaves, how Precious is that      Imagine the Smell of the Leaves


September was here, and Fall is in the air, but not here.
Florida it’s hotter than ever and I’m going wherever,
Maybe my refrigerator,

Thank G-d there were no hurricanes in sight here. But in the Carolina’s there was great fear for brother’s and sister’s facing real devastation by Hurricane Florence that came in torrents.

The Fall brings new things and new colors and retrospection, formation that’s resetting its course, as we are recouping our loss.

We’re less than last six weeks away from Election Day

And Pray that it will bring new hope instead of dismay

September / October we’ll need to remember the work we have to do

Our responsibility to keep our communities, and schools safe too,

and the Projects we need to see through,

that will sway the tide as we begin anew.

A better Chapter, a better View

It was the hottest September on record here in Florida. Spent a lot of time in my refrigerator where it was cooler. And there were no hurricanes inside. We’ll be all right, but our brothers and sister to the north in the Carolina’s were faced with real devastation by Hurricane Florence; wreaking havoc not just along the coastal communities but 70 – 80 miles inland as rivers swelled, crested and overflowed. Our prayers and support goes out to them.

I know it’s my procrastination peculiarity, and I have to deal with it. Like I mentioned in last month’s August Newsletter, I was kinda waiting for some inspiration, some direction and it took on the form of the great Senator from Arizona’s expected passing, Sen. John McCain. It gave me an opportunity to provide from my vantage point a fitting tribute to this man who gave so much and did so much for our country.

Well, I’ve been putting together my notes for the September/October Newsletter and I’ve come up with having two or three episodes that I’m finalizing at this juncture, while preparing for September’s Newsletter. Well September is just about gone, while writing this. When low-n-behold,  the possibility of being part of Tom Steyer’s Get out the VOTE Rally here in St. Petersburg, FL was announced. It definitely became apparent to me that I needed to be there:

A STOP THE PRESSES ITEM/EVENT. The man who is himself went out on a limb and who has acquired quite a following himself was joined by St. Petersburg Mayor, Rick Kriseman tonight, Friday night, September 28. I made it a point to attend at the University of South Florida, St. Petersburg campus. It was a packed house of over 250. It became ingrained in my memory; the evening and following events that I would like very much to share with you. 




Colorful attendee attire


Getting Ready, Introductions

Great Anticipation

Monumental evening With Tom Steyer and St. Petersburg, Mayor Rick Kriseman at USF Saint Pete Campus, Student Union. Need to Vote and Need to Impeach with a full crowd over 250 very enthusiastic people that will take it to the next level. So glad to be part of it, will be writing about it in my blog post Joeslifelonglegacy and It worked4me. Great evening, food, T-shirts, meeting The Man (even signing my postcard). Please, Make the opportunity; we’re all in this. Roll up your sleeves and get involved. There’s not much time and it’ll make all the difference in the world, But 1st we have to make all the difference in our country. The program was to be held at the Student Union. We were greeted warmly upon entering and were ushered to the upstairs ballroom and with presented with the material signing in expressing their interests and concerns and how the evening was supposed to proceed. I noticed in the back the room there was food and other things to be considered. I put the material in the chair and went to the back where I said there was a lot going on. Yes, it there were nice vegetables, fruit, tomatoes and stuffed empanadas with tea, lemonade and water. What really caught my attention was a table with T-shirts was also pretty. So, I went over and looked at the selection put the one that might look good on me with a good the message, haha.  Got to my seat and there were preliminaries, introductions with the message from a most certainly familiar St. Petersburg’s, Mayor Rick Kriseman; also the Moderator.  After the Mayor’s introductory remarks, Tom Steyer provided some background as to how he got involved with this. He then touched on the critical issues before us. A Lively Q & A followed and the gathering left the Rally infused with a new dedication and armed with packets of potential voters that will be sent “GET OUT THE VOTE” information and encouragement. Please do whatever you can there is so much at stake. With 5 weeks left, I’ll be going out canvassing and manning the phones.

Can you please help us?


St. Petersburg’s  Mayor Rick Kriseman                         Tom Steyer 

Tom Steyer and Mayor Kriseman Answering questions

Pink hats were given them from a Woman’s Rights, Support Group member

Meeting with Tom Steyer after Rally


Signed Postcard by Tom Steyer

Proudly wearing newly acquired T-Shirt from Rally



Prelude to Episode #2; Harbinger of things to come!!

I guess each “Episode” will comprise of both some of the items that fall into the bailiwick of It Worked 4 Me and a generic chronological conversation of what transpired during the major occurrences and phenomena I encountered.

Life’s really mentoring years were predicated upon my immediate family. My Dad was the mainstay trying to keep me focused, but it was my Mom’s intuitive common sense that initially carried the day. And then of course there was my teachers and peers in grade school and middle school and then on to high school. One factor that seems to come into play was that I was a preemie and a baby boomer;  as well. And my parents had the choice of me going back a year or going ahead a year. Because of the great number of young children that was starting school at the same time, my mother opted for me to be put ahead which had quite an influence. Not only was I small in stature but I was younger, and I had a try to pick up for that shortfall, so to speak. Also, I had to contend with the fact that I skipped kindergarten. Yes, I was thrust right into the fray; first grade and did not have the benefit of all the creative juices of painting on walls and building blocks for throwing but I made up for my folks would definitely attest to that. They were told please refrain from Billy bringing his toys which would now amount to action characters in today’s day and age.

There were many uneventful happenings during these years, until we moved to Long Island from Queens, New York. My folks would beg to differ because I always seem to be working my way into the “Dennis the Menace” syndrome from our apartment in Woodside, Queens. The attached Hank Ketcham, Dennis the Menace Cartoon seems so speak volumes.

This would have a bearing on the how I figured out What Worked 4 Me and what didn’t, like almost crawling out the window from our fifth-floor apartment. Did however, managed to fall out of a tree, requiring some stitches.

This how I viewed my first 12 years scouring around the Planet

In Episode #2 Prelude of things to come!!

My formative years, the learning curve predominately involved sports (baseball), spiritual, education and social, not necessarily in that order. My energy level had a lot to do with where my interests lied. There were the sports of baseball in the streets, football in the park and then at the Jr High and High School levels.

The spiritual was generally orchestrated by my parents as they followed in the new formulation of mass Bar Mitzvah Factory unfolding was taking place in the Judaic Religious decorum supported by a burgeoning Jewish community atmosphere taking hold on Long Island, NY.

Exercise is a good way working out problems. Whenever I was perturbed, riding my bicycle as great speeds around Circle Drive in our development would allow me to rant and rave to myself without anyone hearing. This was later transformed to driving in my car. Although during these times before the arrival of cell-phones talking to yourself brought stares from other drivers wondering about my mental health condition.

One of the main advents of my reaching full-blown adulthood was when my folks moved to Washington while I was finishing my college education on Long Island. This would have a direct bearing not only on my entire life, but my everyday life. But let’s not jump the gun. There’s so much juicy stuff that followed me throughout this impressionable time in my life.

In 1953 we had moved from Queens, New York to Syosset on Long Island. It would prove to be a “Life-Changer” of the first magnitude, As you will soon see!!


Thanks again for your interest and wishing you all a great month ahead with warmest regards,  and much progress with all your endeavors.

Make that just “warm” regards. We won’t be seeing upper 80’s here in Florida for another 2 weeks. And NO Hurricanes, Please

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